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Executive Search

Middle and high-end talent recruitment services, the industry is also known as Executive Search, Headhunting and so on, commonly known as headhunting service. Nowadays, headhunting service is well known in China, but not all people are clear about the standard process of professional hunting service, but also don't know how to ensure service quality through process control.

Executive Search

The headhunting service is the same as all service industries, and it is also characterized by non - standardization. Different from other service industries, the object of service is dynamically changing high-quality population. The object of transaction is a very important job opportunity for everyone. In the process, the difference in the detail of the operation details of the headhunter in different links makes the result of the service different. The following key links are briefly explained:

Confirmation of Needs

It is not only the explicit duties and requirements of job descriptions that communicate with enterprises, but usually we need to take into account the expectations of direct leadership and indirect leadership, the employment standards of human resources department, the hidden needs of bosses or company's style differences. In addition to the introduction of the company's official website, it is also necessary to discuss the selling points of the company with the leader of the enterprise and the recruiting director of the HR department, so as to highlight the highlights of the company, and then achieve a precise and efficient consensus in the process of communication between consultants and a large number of candidates.

Agreement Signing

The various boundaries of the cooperation, before the two sides start the position, there are sufficient exchanges, can avoid in the process of coordination in the process of unpleasant. Which situation can not be regarded as a recommendation for a headhunter, how to calculate the annual salary and service fee and the period of payment, and what obligations the two sides need to bear when they are in a special situation.

Hunting for Talent

Hunting for talent is not a street peddling, professional consultants through the market overall combing, accurate communication of high potential talents, will let the target people feel more respect. Whether a consultant has rich industry knowledge and planning ability of personal career growth path will greatly affect their ability to persuade target audiences.

Executive Search

Entry Guidance

The entry of candidates did not have time to several key Everything will be fine., nodes in the new employer, need to coordinate, can be "survival" more than doubled. For the right candidate, in addition, job responsibilities, requirements, pre culture and value to grasp, employers and headhunters in candidates after the appointment, the need for different dimensions of communication, to ensure that the "brain transplant" does not produce "rejection", really allow enterprises to pay and search costs, create value for the enterprise increment.

Service Guarantee

Headhunting companies are unwilling to appear candidates who are not suitable for new businesses. But after that, whether they can do well in service security is the criteria for evaluating service quality.


We hope that the third party can quickly and fully support the enterprise's phasing adjustment. It is also known as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or recruitment process outsourcing. Through recruitment outsourcing, the human resources department can achieve:

> To find the right candidates quickly and improve the recruitment efficiency.

> Improve and improve the quality of the recruitment process, improve the recruitment methods, reduce the difficulty of recruitment;

> to solve the burden of the administrative part, the HR focus can be transferred to the focus of strategic development and planning;

> control and reduce the cost of recruitment and improve the cost performance.

The types of recruitment outsourcing include the following:

Long-term outsourcing: a year or a few years of recruitment outsourcing agreements with the enterprise, for the enterprise to provide annual recruitment services, timely solution to the needs of the enterprise talent.

Outsourcing: companies need to recruit a lot of talent in a short period of time (such as the temporary project), and the human resources department because of the limited time and resources, can not complete the recruitment task on time, the entire project or enterprise recruitment outsourcing; lack of professional and technical team recruitment, recruitment will be the overall outsourcing operation in the form of project.

Campus recuitment: large enterprises graduate campus recruitment time, preparatory work can be cumbersome, the preparatory work such as information dissemination, promotion, campus recruitment information, resume screening, and receive the first round of interviews and written and accommodation and travel arrangements outsourcing outsourcing work to the recruitment unit, hiring professional and the quality inspection of enterprise human resources department can focus on a few candidates as well as the final interview, ease the time pressure of human resources, improve the efficiency of recruitment.


P.S. If there is no need to cover the above, Yi Yong can discuss the appropriate solutions together with the enterprise. Recruitment, as a function that enterprises need to build for a long time, not only needs internal system support, but also needs external resources to be combined together, so that it can continuously adapt to the new development needs of enterprises.

HR Counseling

HR conseling, namely HR consulting, is centered on organizational effectiveness, providing professional programs and supporting landing around employees' performance, also known as HR Consulting in the industry. In human resource consulting, Yi Yong will form a project team with a strong target in subdivision industry to provide high quality service for the enterprise.

Strategic human resource management emphasizes that we should take a strategic, systematic and global view of the specific operation of human resource management system and human resource management, and emphasize that human resource management must focus on supporting the achievement of organizational strategic goals. Its achievements are not easy to measure in short-term performance, and its value to organizations is often reflected in the future. Therefore, consultants and customers must agree on the value of consultation in advance, otherwise the project can not be carried out at all. Trust between each other is the prerequisite for the project to be carried out, and also the guarantee of the success of the project.

The key to success is to ensure that employees get the right incentives and rewards, and clearly understand their contributions and their role in business strategy. Our clients are looking for comprehensive advisory services and support to maximize their performance and transform their strategy into reality. With our pioneering research and leading database, we can help you ensure that the relevant personnel are suitable for their skills. According to the strategic work of the company, we have the following items:

>Optimization of internal human resources system in Enterprises

>Talent and leadership

>Design of post salary

>Organizational structure and employee performance

>Talent evaluation and development

>How does human capital combine with local enterprises

HR Counseling

Innovation Service

From the human resources service industry, the selection of all kinds of high quality services and tools can save a lot of time and improve work efficiency.

After 30 years of large-scale development, the human resources service industry will grasp the second springtime in the development. With the continuous improvement of the national policy system and the further optimization of the industry development environment, the human resources service industry will usher in a new round of leap forward development.

Flexible Employment (also called flexible employment)

Flexible employment is equivalent to the "flexible dispatch (Flexible Staffing), is a growth product of talent dispatch service field, it undertakes by the dispatch of the company a full range of legal responsibility of the employer, a form of labor dispatch, determine the number of screening in the dispatch period, dispatch personnel are very flexible. "The use of people, the management of people without people" is a form of dispatch. The dispatch unit recruits and manages the worker but does not use the worker, the employing unit uses the worker but does not recruit and manage the worker. From the perspective of legal relationship, labor and labor dispatching units sign labor contracts, labor dispatch units and labor units sign labor dispatching agreements, involving workers, employers (i.e. labor dispatch units), and three parties of employment units.

Internet Background Survey (abbreviated: online back)

The data show that in the United States, more than 80% of the employers have full back tone. But in China, due to the complexity of the backdating process, the high price and the lack of awareness of the whole staff, enterprises often only carry out the back to the more important candidates. In recent years, a series of Internet back tune companies like Onfido and Checkr in the United Kingdom have entered into a public view. The trend of globalization is becoming increasingly dependent on the services provided by on-demand contractors. We recommend the "" service:

Professional: the key team of famous background survey company + thundercloud computing.

Efficiency: second level report + multi dimension risk early warning.

Cost: guarantee accuracy and cost pricing at the same time.

Innovation Service

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