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Release date: 2022-10-02
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R&D VP - Transformation of Medical Research Company


1. Developing company‘s research & development strategy, mapping out long-term research plan.

2. Guiding direction of research, coaching & supervising to executive strategy and yearly research plan.

3. Participating in making company’s development strategy plan.

4. Participating in making other company’s significant decision.

5. According to annual business objective, leading, organizing & managing technical department work plan.


1. Doctor's and above degree, major in a molecular biology, proficient in professional knowledge and technology in molecular field.

2. Study abroad or oversea work experience.

3. Minimum 5 years working experience in large multinational companies.

4. More than 15 years working experience in related research, more than 8 years working experience in scientific research management.

5. Good ability in project management and providing strategic guidance.

6. Skillful communication and presentation ability.

7. Fluency in English and Mandarin, Proficient in English.

8. Outstanding leadership & group cohesiveness.

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