person A person B How can enterprises find a human resources service partner?
How do people choose a more suitable environment and position to develop themselves?


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R&D, Production,and Sales & Marketing

Subdivision Areas

Rx, OTC, whether it is R&D, factory production, sales, or CRO related companies, YiYong Talents have a corresponding database of talent. In addition to traditional medicine, YiYong Talent will expand in the field of new drug research and development in the future, including biological medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and animal health.

Strength of US

Marketing: Sales Director, Regional sales manager, Marketing director / manager, Product manager, Channel manager, etc.

Medical affairs: Director of government affairs, Market admittance manager, Clinical manager, Registration manager etc.

Production and R&D: Factory director,Operation manager,R&D director, Quality director, Technical director, Project manager, R & D Engineer, etc.

General function: HR, Finance, Legal affairs.

Customers We've Served

MNC: Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline etc.;

Domestic enterprises: Yang Sen, Huarun, 999, Wuxi, Beida Pharmaceutical etc.

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