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Chemical Care

Release time: 2017-10-12
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Chemistry & Health Care

Chemical raw materials and health care products.

Subdivision Areas

The upstream businesses of the pharmaceutical industry, such as API, intermediates and pharmaceuticals, as well as the surrounding industries of health care food and supplies, are listed by YiYong Talent in this subdivision sector.

Development of the Field

In the past few years, due to the expiration of the patents of several best sellers, the global pharmaceutical industry has undergone tremendous changes, and the rapid growth of raw material manufacturing has been promoted by the demand for low-cost substitutes. In 2013, the total output value of the global raw material drug market is 119 billion 700 million US dollars. It is expected to reach 185 billion 900 million US dollars by 2020, and the annual growth rate is expected to be 6.5%. The global market of API is mainly divided into non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, oncology drugs, diabetes drugs, cardiovascular drugs, central nervous system drugs, musculoskeletal drugs and other drugs. Most of the tumor drugs are biomaterials, which are expected to become the main growth point in the global market for raw materials.

Globally, the global market for API is divided into four major regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions. Due to the high demand for formulations and research and development, North America dominates the global market for raw materials. At present, the Asia Pacific region has attracted a large number of generic pharmaceutical manufacturers.

At present, China is already the world's largest producer and exporter of API. With the focus shifting of international pharmaceutical production and the cost reduction of multinational pharmaceutical companies, the focus of world chemical pharmaceuticals is shifting to developing countries. China's raw materials market in recent years, production and sales are growing, since 2011 the chemical raw materials industry sales income still maintain a rapid growth in 2013, 2014 and 2015 growth rate were 13.70%, 11.02% and 8.82%, showed a downward trend, but overall growth.

Health care food is a food that has specific health functions, that is suitable for a specific group of people to eat, and has the function of regulating body function and not treating diseases. In 2014, the scale of China's health products industry was 161 billion, with an annual growth of nearly 20%, and it is expected to break through 500 billion in 2020. Herbaceous, non herbaceous dietary supplements are considered to be the two fastest growing areas. Among the many subfields of dietary supplements, there are five high growth areas: bone and joints; skin care; gastrointestinal function; cardiovascular; antioxidation.

The market for health products in China is huge, but there are many competitors and low concentration in the market. Some enterprises in the industry do not attach importance to the quality of products, products and marketing means, and only rely on high intensity advertising input and false propaganda. As the industry moves towards standardization, consumers' cognition is constantly improving, and consumption habits are changing, companies with distinctive products and innovative marketing may come to the fore.

Strength of US

Marketing: Sales Director, Regional sales manager, Marketing director / manager etc.

Medical affairs: Director of government affairs, Market admittance manager, Clinical manager, Registration manager etc.

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