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Life Science

Release time: 2017-09-27
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Life Science

Analytical research instrument.

Subdivision Areas

In the early years, life sciences enterprises mainly expand their businesses in universities and research market. With the trend of clinical change, YiYong Talent was starting to pay close attention to related fields. It mainly includes: PCR and all kinds of products related to gene analysis, proteomics and cell processing, as well as mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy and environmental analysis instruments.

Development of the Field

The cycle of input and output in the field of life science is long, and investment in this field is affected by government budgets. In addition, due to the strong professionalism of life sciences and many different research fields, plus life sciences and medicine, chemistry, electronics and other disciplines are closely linked, interdisciplinary and cross industry links are more, the complexity of the industry is also very obvious. In 2014, the global market for life science instruments sold more than $40 billion and increased at a rate of 6%.

Life science for many years, Chinese government always attaches great importance to the development of the life sciences industry, both in 11th Five-Year and 12th Five-Year, including 13th Five-Year, government investment in the life sciences industry has been great. The molecular diagnosis market is still one of the hotspots in the field of life science. Since 2014, China's molecular diagnostic market has increased by more than 20%. In another life science hot spot, biological breeding with transgenic technology as the core is the leading role in the development of biological agriculture in China. The rapid development of these hot areas has led to the procurement requirements of related research tools, such as gene sequencing instrument, PCR instrument and other molecular cell biological instruments.

The media predicted that nearly three years with the rapid development of molecular diagnostics, bio medicine and other fields, fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, second generation sequencing (NGS) / third generation sequencing (3GS), chip, PCR, CE sequencing, PCR and other digital genomics related instruments; instrument of protein separation and analysis equipment, ELISA, Western blot and protein chip proteins; flow cytometry, microscopy, cell biology instruments will have a larger market size.

Strength of US 

Sales & Marketing: Sales Director, Regional sales manager, Marketing director / manager, Product manager, Channel manager, etc.

Medical affairs: Director of government affairs, Market admittance manager, Clinical manager, Registration manager etc.

Production and R&D: Factory director,Operation manager,R&D director, Quality director, Technical director, Project manager, R & D Engineer, etc.

General function: HR, Finance, Legal affairs.

Representative Enterprise

Thermo Fisher、PerkinElmer、Eppendorf、BioTek Instruments and so on.

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