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Biotechnology and Products

Subdivision Areas

Enterprises related to biotechnology, such as genes, proteins, stem cells and immunology,and the companies related to food, quarantine, agriculture, animal husbandry, scientific research, or clinical application.

Development of the Field

Biological science is the most rapid development, one of the most popular subjects, 50% in the study of biological science research team in the United States, whether international or domestic, investment of the biological sciences is very large, so the prospect of biological science is very optimistic.

In the national "11th Five-Year plan", the bio industry as a strategic industry is focused on development. In 2020, the national bioindustry value added exceeded 2 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 4% of GDP. It has become a pillar industry in the high technology field and the leading industry of the national economy.

Biological medicine and biological treatment in the field of biology, accounting for 1/4 of the total R & D. There are more than 900 projects in the United States, which are the most clinically treated, and there is no disease without biological treatment. According to technical means, single antibody is the most. Vaccine, cell therapy, gene therapy and so on, our country's market has accounted for 10% of biopharmaceuticals, compared with the scale is not big enough. Stem cells now have 13 products on the world, including Korea, Canada and so on. There is not a product listed in our country. The United States is the FDA cell beauty, when to put out by cell culture, cultivate a good go back again. At present, the development of CAR-T is relatively mature, and many research institutions and enterprises have been deeply involved at home and abroad.

Strength of US

Marketing: Sales Director, Regional sales manager, Marketing director / manager etc.

Medical affairs: Director of government affairs, Market admittance manager, Clinical manager, Registration manager etc.

Production and R&D: Factory director,Operation manager,R&D director, Quality director etc.

General function: HR, Finance, Legal affairs.

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