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Medical Service

Hospitals, internet medical, nursing and old-age services.

Subdivision Areas

Hospitals, clinics and related medical institutions, as well as Internet related healthcare and medical data related enterprises in recent years, cover all functions besides IT.

Development of the Field

China is the world's largest population, with a huge population base and a rapidly growing aging population, which has brought a growing demand for medical services. At the national level, the input of medical services and the supply of essential factors have continued to increase to meet the needs of medical services. However, as the face of the developed countries such as Britain and the United States as our medical service system in medical service demand and supply both increased, is still "difficult and expensive" problem, the contradictory of medical service supply side and demand side.

Government input is the key driving force for the development of medical service industry. In recent years, the government's investment in the medical field has been increasing. The government's health expenditure has increased from 155 billion 253 million yuan in 2005 to 1 trillion and 57 billion 923 million yuan in 2014, the annual compound growth rate has reached 23.77%, and the proportion of total health expenditure has increased from 17.9% in 2005 to 30% in 2014. DDT CPA reported that the scale of China's medical service market will exceed 500 billion dollars in 2015, which will lead to the development of healthcare and related services.

At the end of September 2015, a total of 990 thousand medical institutions in China, including 13304 public hospitals, private hospitals 13600. Although the number of public hospitals accounts for only 1.34% of the total medical service institutions, it has taken over 1/3 of the medical services. There will be a lot of opportunities to strengthen the ability of the private hospitals to provide service. At the same time, the appropriate technology of TCM will enter the traditional Chinese medicine hall and the national medical hall at the grass-roots medical institutions at a faster speed, and Chinese medicine will quickly enter more and more ordinary people's homes to promote the healthy dream of the whole nation and the Chinese dream.

The development of medical service Internet healthcare is a trend, because now all industries are based on Internet big data, and the medical industry is no exception, which is a development direction. Before the development of these internet medical enterprises, including good doctors and dun Xiang Garden, there are many bright spots and breakthroughs in the development of these ten years. The country has three, two, first level hospitals, community service centers, outpatients and clinics, and different levels of physical medical institutions can provide different services. Internet hospitals, cloud hospitals, and other so-called network hospitals, can achieve innovative profit models, and can also bring more convenient medical services to the public.

In addition to the convenience of the Internet, internet medical services can also cooperate with related health services, such as the combination of commercial health insurance. The more innovation of the Internet in the future will produce "new medical", a new type of business and integrated with the entity medical institutions.

China has a trend of rapid population aging, and nursing and pension industry is the inevitable product of social development. This industry is not only for the elderly's life, but also for the elderly to provide facilities, commodities, special services and other contents. It is a collection of various industries for the elderly. In 2014, China's pension industry market capacity of 4 trillion and 100 billion, accounted for 6.44% of GDP, but with the United States in 22.3%, the proportion of 20.1%-36.8% compared to Europe, there are still a large gap, is expected to 2020, China's pension industry market space will reach 7 trillion and 700 billion, to 2030 is expected to achieve 22 trillion and 300 billion.

Strength of US 

Director of the hospital, the Chief doctor, the Chief physician, the Head nurse, the Purchase, the Government's relation etc.

Representative Enterprise

Spring Rain Doctor, Ping An Good Doctor, Zhang Qiang Doctor Group, AierChina and so on.

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